Today’s summer reading program building challenge was: Build a Ferris-wheel using only Popsicle sticks, dowel rods, and hot glue. I (Sherri) tried it out last week and it was not an easy task!

Added to the limited building resources was a limited amount of building time which was only one hour. Could they do it?

These kids rose to the challenge and all of them completed the project with one wheel. If they’d had a little more time they could have made the double wheel which the original challenge called for. Nevertheless, they were amazing! What a bright bunch of kids!



Summer Reading Program Scavenger Hunt

Please remind your K-4th grade kids about the Scavenger Hunt sheets we sent them home with the past two Mondays. If they bring them back and show that they have completed the tasks, either by answering a riddle or getting one of the librarians to verify that they know where certain items are located, then they earn points which will determine who wins the grand prize at the end of June. So far we have had only 3 kids return their scavenger hunt sheets. The bonus task on last Monday’s sheet is worth a whopping 10 points! It would be great if we could get more kids to participate!

This coming Monday the 19th, we will be building Ferris-wheels. Did you know that the original Ferris Wheel was built to rival the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France? The first Ferris Wheel was huge,


and each of the 36 cars held 60 people! It must have been a sight to behold.

Unfortunately, George Ferris went bankrupt and died soon thereafter. Instead of preserving his engineering masterpiece, the Ferris Wheel was sold and then blown to bits with dynamite.

Now you know why the United States no longer has an engineering rival to France’s Eiffel tower!