And the Winner Is!

We had loads of fun at our summer reading program while building bird feeders, roller coasters and ferris-wheels. We learned about the international space station and other spacey facts courtesy of Museum of the Rockies. We had a scavenger hunt throughout the whole four weeks and the winner who acquired the most points was revealed.

Caden Laine scored the most points in our scavenger hunt and went home with the grand prize – a Kindle Fire Tablet! Good job, Caden! IMG_20170706_163609087.jpg



Today’s summer reading program building challenge was: Build a Ferris-wheel using only Popsicle sticks, dowel rods, and hot glue. I (Sherri) tried it out last week and it was not an easy task!

Added to the limited building resources was a limited amount of building time which was only one hour. Could they do it?

These kids rose to the challenge and all of them completed the project with one wheel. If they’d had a little more time they could have made the double wheel which the original challenge called for. Nevertheless, they were amazing! What a bright bunch of kids!