The Great Montana Read

Vote for your favorite novel at The Great Montana Read.  You can choose from 31 novels which have been nominated for Montana’s best loved novel. Voting will remain in effect through December 31st. All novels submitted had to meet certain criteria and have “firm connections to Montana.” Head on over to their website and vote for your favorite today!


Escape Room 2018

We had so much fun with last year’s escape room that we decided to do another one this year. We chose the day before Thanksgiving which, in retrospect, might not have been the best day to do it. Some kids weren’t able to come due to holiday travel plans. Regardless, we had twenty kids participate.

This year’s theme was “Escape from the Art Gallery.” There were six puzzles for the kids to solve. The final puzzle’s answer opened a locked box full of candy. We’ve found candy to be a better incentive for kids to solve puzzles rather than, say, boiled spinach.

We had a variety of locks for the kids to open. To find the key or combination they had to solve puzzles. Can you see the hidden key in the picture below? 

The key opened the art portfolio –

which contained two missing pictures which, when put in order, opened a directional combination lock. 

Four locked boxes held the clues needed to solve the final puzzle. 

The last puzzle was a math problem. They had to figure out what year the painter of “Eye of the Tiger” was born. Her birth year opened the combination on the box of candy. 

The artist who painted Eye of the Tiger is Nicole Toth, my daughter. Before painting this, she had only done pencil sketches, some of which were published in an art journal when she was in high school. This was her first painting.