For the Birds!

Today was the first day of summer reading program at the library! It was for the birds! We made bird feeders! This year our summer reading program is built to encourage creativity. The kids were given a juice or milk carton, scissors, paper, markers, crayons, glue and tape. Each child designed their own bird feeder and we had some pretty clever designs!

Here’s some interesting facts we learned about birds today:

  1. Birds are the only animals that have feathers.
  2. Songbirds have between 3500-5000 feathers; water birds have around 12,000 feathers.
  3. Raptors can see up to 8X more clearly than a human. Eagles can see a rabbit on the ground from a mile away.
  4. The state bird of Montana is a Meadowlark.

Next week the creativity will continue as the kids design and build their own working (hopefully!) roller coaster.


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